Wide Area Networks or WANs

The future of Wide Area Networks or WANs
imagesdgdNew technology developments have brought about a new way to transfer data on networks in more ways and ways that can change an adapt to different needs in time. This new technology has be brought possible with the invent of what is also known as the cloud. This technology is call Software Defined WANs and Cloud WANs. These two concepts are similar and some use them interchangeably because of that. Some of the benefits behind using this sort of technology is that the data routing is no longer defined by a set of hardware switches that need to be upgraded or replaced as the network evolves and is built out. The Software can define how data and packet routing are performed from the origination point to the end point. In many cases this ability to change routing paths can minimize the data path for best usage on the network from an end user benefit. It also enhances or allows the network to better handle the increased amounts of traffic as more and more connections keep being added.

Another benefit that Software Defined WANs beings to the technology is that the hardware is actually very simple since all of the routing and switching logic is programmed in software the hardware devices can be made much less complex thus reducing their hardware cost and while still supporting network growth and expansion due to new software configurations and upgrades. It is also much cheaper to make changes to the network functionality and routing with Software Defined WANs. This is due to the ability to push the changes for an entire network from a single location which can be almost anywhere in the world since redefining the software does not required any hardware changes of the network. Follow the link and read more http://www.velocloud.com/.

One of the key issues with Software Defined WANs and the Cloud WANs today is most companies and enterprises are doing just fine with their current networks and they are able to manage their traffic needs, but as these needs increase and more and more data is transferred and streamed to connected devices this will eventually become an issue. There will be a conversion cost to move from traditional complex WANs, but the new hardware is fairly cheap and the most cost will be in the software definition and the IT support that will be need to get it up and running. However, once the Software Defined WAN is up and running the benefits will often be realized right away with data traffic management and overall network efficiency that will be gained. The introduction of the cloud and new Software Defined WANs and cloud WANs is very exciting and will bring about significantly more optimized networks allow faster and more efficient data storage and network management. As with many things software the sky is the limit to how these new networks will be able to be configured which will benefit us in ways that we are not yet able to fully realize ourselves. The future is exciting and Software Defined WANs and Cloud WANs will bring even more new ideas.