What SD WAN Offers

16203260320_bb05f1b89e_oWAN offers a superior network with a superior performance for all networking and communications needs of the small business as well as the large corporation. SD WAN bases its functions and performance from broadband. This allows for a more affordable option to the needs of the business.

Many may think that broadband can be easily overwhelmed by traffic and begin to lag or lose connections. This may be true, but if the business is utilizing SD WAN this is not a problem. When the broadband is detected to be offering inferior service for the task at hand, the SD will push the connection, and all traffic accessing the connection, to a private source. This means greater efficiency at lower costs.

Using broadband networks when it is feasible and functional allows for the business to downsize their use of private networks. This can significantly lower the cost of doing business and save the individual a bit of money. Another way in which money is saved is through the automated configuration of the WAN being used.

How Automation Enhances the Business

Automation saves on man hours that would otherwise be used to monitor the network and11406959335_7f54d78504_o maintain efficiency. The automated features of SD WAN also works to increase the privacy of exchanges as well as the security of the exchanges made on the network. Continual configurations of the network ensure that the best and most secure networks are utilized and that the network is the best available at any time it is used.

Automation therefore enhances the quality that businesses will experience when using the network. This will enable the business to garner more clients, make more money and increase their bottom line. Overall, the basic concepts that will be enhanced using the SD WAN include:

  • Building Virtual Networks
  • Providing Micro-Segmentation
  • Integration of Service Chaining

Why Choose SD WAN?

If efficiency and increased earnings are something that is important to the business, then SD WAN is the way to go. It offers a far greater level of flexibility than basic service provider networks. The SD WAN also is able to react to any and all changes or alterations to the network as soon as these fluctuations happen.

16389741442_e2240ba793_oThe SD WAN also allows for the IT staff to concentrate their efforts on new innovations rather than simply to sit and monitor the network. While these individuals may be competent enough as it is, they are human and mistakes can always happen. A small oversight can cost thousands of dollars, and with the SD WAN these slip ups do not happen.

Finally, with the automated nature of the network and the ability to change as it is needed, the business will save a significant amount of money. Staff can be better put to use on other tasks, the best network will always be pinpointed and used, and costs for provider services will drop drastically.