Nature of the Cloud

6540022743_a700f37888_oClouds seriously alter how we consider and look at WANs. The cloud is remotely used and accessed so cost is controlled. It also means that access to information that is needed for business decisions can also be accessed wherever the individual is. That means no longer will weather and health determine if a job can be gotten completed by its deadline.

Management of the network is also altered by use of the cloud. On the network, intricate data files need to be stored in memory and backed up. When using the cloud, all of these files are remotely saved and stored so that they can be acquired and used by multiple individuals at the same time, wherever they are.

Clouds also possess different characteristics. Some believe that the cloud is always something that is public. This means that the public in general has full access to whatever is on the cloud at any given time. This is not true. many clouds are developed and run by private organizations and cannot be accessed by just anyone.

The best part of the private aspect of the cloud is that it can be delivered via the public network. This allows companies to develop and configure networks and information that is easily accessed through public means. All this is done while still maintaining the integrity of the information and the security of the business.

The cloud also has the ability to interface with a wide variety of devices. One user can be communicating with another while they are both using different types of devices. In other words, the worker at their computer in the office can interface with another out in the field on their cell phone.


The cloud offers simplicity. In this very complicated world in which we live, it is always 5697077325_9747dc54d2_orefreshing to find devices or technology that is simple. Simple to use, simple to access, and simple to understand. the cloud offers just that. If the individual understands and can use the internet, they can access and use the cloud.

This is not to say that the simplicity is such that any dolt can use it. Rather it is that after learning the nature and function of the cloud, and armed with the correct passwords as set by the company, the cloud is easy to use.

Synchronizing between users and devices are done automatically within the scope and realm of the cloud. Finding the best network and the fastest performance is also done remotely within the cloud. Configuring updates and the most efficient ways to carry on business task are also done automatically within the realm of the cloud.